Monday, 28 June 2010

Weekend 2

More pictures. Mosquitoes, more food and swimming. We didn't really eat proper midsummer food, just a little barbequing.
Patrik, our masterchef of the weekend had prepared some korean food like Kimchi, noodle salad, peanut sauce etc. It was so good!
Jan brought "surströmming" but I would NEVER even touch that, though I started to eat fish again couple of months ago. The awful smell is way enough!

Interesting facts: I spotted a "geotrupes stercorarius"(tordyvel in swedish) on almost the same place as last year;)


Anonymous said...

Fina bilder av en trevlig midsommarfest :) Kram/Mamma

gracia said...

Ah... swimming... I so envy you there.

Stine Marie said...

awwww!! Vi skulle vœret der! Neste sommer kommer vi:)
ps: en liten surpise til deg på min blog:*
Håper alt er fint med deg:* puss!

Anonymous said...

hi just found you blog via another. i love your pictures. i have similar plates and cups and books to you. i live in australia. it's quite calming to think there are people all around the world with similar thoughts and likes and simple things which make us happy. i'm about to embark on a big journey alone and your blog is making me feel less alone

Kjell thomas said...

Gah! Fick sundom-abstinens av att se det här. Nästa år...

when skies are grey said...

Wow, that looks like you had a blast. Such real summer fun. Did you get the kimchi recipe? I would love to make it.

sunkentreasure said...

Oh now I can't wait to visit Sweden in the summer! looks amazing out there! take care xo

lisen said...

gillar bild 1 :))))

and flowers pick themselves said...

the sun in the water is beyond beautiful.


xo Alison

maria said...

mamma, tack <3

gracia, cold at first but after getting used to it, it was soo refreshing!

stine, jaa nästa sommar måste ni komma hela lilla familjen! tusen tack för den;) allt bra, kram<3

alana, thank you so much!!! I know what you mean and it makes me so happy to kbe aware of that. take care!

kjell t, haha förstår det! det var riktigt skoj som vanligt:) nästa sommar!

kimberley, no sorry, didn't get the recipe. but I think he made it while watching a youtube clip about how to make kimchi.. :)

sunkentreasure, :) although this was in finland, it still looks the same in Sweden! hope you'll have a wonderful trip!

lisen, haha;D

alison, that's what I love about late sunny summernights here in the north:)

jokemijn said...

i love the top picture :)