Friday, 18 June 2010


Thank you so much for your comments on my health anxiety. I know that I'm far from alone but still feels very good to hear others stories..

I just got home from work, special event evening at the museum, don't know what to call it really. Now one of my sisters came to join me for a cosmo;)

Have a good weekend!

(can't believe it's already midsummer in a week)


Mamma said...

Skål, och njut av din Cosmopolitan :) Mamma

kristina - no penny for them said...

what a lovely thing to have cosmos with your sister!

only read your older posts this evening - i really hope you are feeling better soon and feel happier about your health.

rosanna said...

tack för en super trevlig kväll fina maria:) <3

gracia said...

Happy weekend to you too... and, yep, it sure feels good to share your concerns.

Jessica (Stars and Clouds) said...

Maria, just managed to catch up on my GoogleReader and saw about your health anxiety!

Just wanted to say that I have had thyroid related problems since I was little. In fact, it doesn't work really. Add to that the recent scare that it was my much-needed meds that caused me Erythema Nodosum. But the nice thing about this all is, it is manageable, and well researched :)

The cosmos (assuming they are in the picture) look yummy! I should make some, but instead will have frozen strawberry daiquiris tonight!

Pia said...

Kära Maria!

Jag känner så igen mig...även om jag nu är frisk. Men då när min blindtarm sprack höll jag på att oroa mig upp över öronen. Men skickar dig massot med LÖÖÖÖÖV, tänker på dig och hoppas vi ses i sommar :). KRAM!

louise said...

Hope you're feeling better. What is it they say about relief after talking about things... must be true. xo lj

sunkentreasure said...

Hi Maria!
Thank you so much for the tips about Stockholm. Can't wait to discover that city :-) xoxo