Wednesday, 23 June 2010


I ordered Elisabeth Dunker's "Apple papple" and it arrived today, it's l o v e l y!! The perfect yellow apple. Now I have to find a good simple frame for it. Tack Elisabeth:)

+ beautiful lemon verbena, bought through a friend.

THANK YOU for your foodblog-tips!! So many new to check out;)


Anonymous said...

I really like it!!!

Anonymous said...

Your blog is lovely.


sc said...

hilarious! <3

Fine Little Day said...

Å tusen tack själv rara du :)!

griffen said...

first, thanks for you comment =)

second, the apple is so cute, i love the little worm sticking out, and I bet the verbena smells wonderful!

three, have a good day!


gracia said...

Nice and wonderful things X 2. Elisabeth's work is great and you are sure to enjoy having it up in your home.

la casita said...

I love all Elisabeth's creation... and apple papple is just soooo delicious!
Lovely blog (and thanks for being at mine) :)))
Enjoy midsummer!