Monday, 7 June 2010

A new week

Hope you had a nice weekend!
Something I've been up too: Cleaned and refurnished the apartment. It feels so nice and new in some way, even if we just moved the furnitures.
Now, the next project will be to grind away the polish from the floor and paint it white, grey or red. I'm sure it'll be white, but it would be cool with a different color.

+ Today I was at the dentist, just for a check-up. Haven't been there for 4 or 5 years I think..luckily my teeth were in good shape, no cavities, phew!


Fine Little Day said...

Och vilken tjusig profilbild på dig med fjädern :)!

whitney said...

rearranging furniture is always so refreshing. i wish we could rearrange ours again, but we will be moving in a few months, and it doesn't seem worth it. :(

your place looks really great!
(i think the floors would look so nice white...)

mette/ungt blod said...

love the poof and the mess! i have startet my summerprojects: first sew a whole bunch of stuff so i can clear away my fabric - then clear out stuff in the whole apartment

Brit said...

What a fun house you live in! I'm in love with your CDs that are organized by color! :)

lisen said...

så fint hem, mysigt!! fin tavla med träd o gul himmel...!

har också möblerat om i helgen o igår tog jag hem jobbet igen, packade hela ateljén.. längtade hem.. :)
OCH, imorrn ska jag till tandis, usch, jag har nog minst ett hål :(

maria said...

finelittleday, tack ska du ha:)

whitney, that's great! then you have a whole new place to furnish, fun:) thank you, and yes I think white floors would be best!

mette, we needed to change it, too much things everywhere. now there's more space:) your summerprojects sounds like a good plan!
I'm also sewing a lot right now, I think it clears out my bad conscience because I've not been in the studio for weeks..

brit, it is fun:) the cd's used to be even more organized before..but it's fun to have them like this!

lisen, tack! vi gör ju tydligen lite samma saker just nu:) så du flyttade ateljén hem igen. bra, man ska va där kreativiteten känns som bäst! jag har inte varit i min ateljé på flera veckor idag börjar jag igen! lycka till hos tandläkaren (jag var också helt säker på att jag skulle ha hål, så blev glatt överraskad)

irene said...

i love your flat - the print over your bed is great!