Wednesday, 2 June 2010


I had a dream last night about zombies. They chased us around in a big house, and escaped in anywhere even though we locked all doors and windows. It was a terrible and stressful dream. At last I got angry and tired of hiding so I started to chase the zombies instead. Then I woke up.
I've seen a lot of movies, yes. And I dream a lot, but never about ZOMBIES!? I'm too old for that.

Pictures from a corner in my dad's garden.


call me Rondy... said...

What beautiful, dreamy pictures! Shame about those zombies...

hearblack. said...

what a great garden.
the light is the first shot is really nice.

- hope you're still enjoying your free time!
we just finished for the summer as well - it's been bliss


Elisabelle said...

I LOVE your second photo!!!!

Anonymous said...

Minä näin unta teistä viime yönä, teillä oli pieni poika :)


sc said...

Au Revoir Simone! :)