Wednesday, 2 June 2010

Shadows of memories

My Grandmother is moving from the house she's been living in for 40 years! She's moving from the countryside to a flat in town. It's too much work to handle on her own with a house and a big garden. She says it's a relief but I know she probably feels a bit sad to leave too. I think it is because I've been growing up with that house! It feels strange to not go there anymore. But everything has an end..

Good thing is that she's moving to a nice flat with a huuuuge balcony;)


SASHA said...

my grandma is also moving from the house she's lived in for almost 40 years! the same reasons i think, but not only is she selling the house but she's moving across the country to california (no harsh winters). it'll be so strange not to visit her in her house anymore, i know just how you feel.
(p.s. mailed your package, let me know it got there ok!!)

lisen said...

å, flytt är alltid lite vemodigt, kan knappt föreställa mej hur det känns efter 40 år det för förmodligen gott med sej också som sagt, det är ett starkt beslut av henne! Livet förändras, o är det nån som vet så är det de äldre.

Min mormor bodde ensam i sitt jättehus på vischan in i det sista, med lite hjälp så kunde hon bli gammal där. Hon vägrade annat trots kommentarer om flytt. Men man får respektera det.
Jag saknar stället otroligt mycket själv, ingen i släkten kunde ta över det..jag kan fortfarande "gå in" i i huset o känna dofterna o ljuden.

Hoppas din mormor/farmor kommer trivas på sin nya balkong! :)

gracia said...

I can only imagine how hard that must be.... to say goodbye to forty years of memories and pattern... to start anew. New beginnings, I guess, are good at any age... though they are also hard and, at times, sad. The large balcony sounds like it will be much appreciated.

Valerie said...

delurking here to say that even though i don't know you, i can sincerely say i feel for you & i feel for your grandma. this is heartbreaking, I know.
i can't even go past the house where my grandparents used to live & where i was raised & lived for 18 years.
i hope your grandma will enjoy a lower maintenance life in her new home.