Tuesday, 22 February 2011


Breakfasts, a salad, and other things. Blah, I can't stop taking pictures of the food I'm eating..

Hope you're having a good week, and thank you so much for your comments, ALWAYS!
I'm so bad at responding to them. But they make me so happy every single day and it's always nice to hear from new readers.

I'm thinking about doing some changes on my blog soon..plans going on:)


la_sale_bete said...

Whoa, that salad looks especially good!

linnea said...

Jag tycker dina matbilder alltid är inspirerande, själv lever jag på pizza och popcorn så det du äter ser alltid spännande ut. :)

when skies are grey said...

You know I love your food pictures. I've been wanting a new salad dressing and that one in the last photo looks delish. What is it?

sandra said...

haha, älskar mackan! hör pappas röst från när jag var liten "inte FAN kan du ha ost OCH äkk OCH kaviar på mackan, det blir tuuurt!".

PROVINS said...

Den mad er alt for fin!! og så meget Sverige på samme tid!!!

Janet said...

Just found my way here from a recommendation on my google reader. The food (and lighting!) looks delicious :)


lou said...

I love these images. Such great light. The balcony shot is great...love the blue dress, I would catch it if it fell. Lou x

jokemijn said...

i think i saw the same dish at ungtblod last week, the cracker with the eggs and the pinkish mayonaise. Now i'm kindof getting convinced it must be really good.

Jasmine Mirra said...

Reading your post I thought I was doing the same thing as you... taking a lot of picture of food I eat...

That blue cup is nice! Is it from Lu-Ray? I have a green one that looks like yours...(http://vertpistache.blogspot.com/2011/01/dejeuner-breakfast.html)

Oh! and what is that pink stuff on you eggs???

lisen said...

man vill ha förändring såhär års, längtar efter nytt, varmt, annat. (obs, inte här menar jag, det är fint som det är alltså men såklart spnnande med förändring också! Kul!)

älskar balkongbilden men klänningen..!
Som en målning!

maria said...

la_sale_bete, it was good too:) I love huge salads!

linnea, tack:) pizza och popcorn äter ju jag också men det brukar inte vara lika kul att fota haha!

when skies are grey, it is made of sour cream, lemon juice, some honey, salt and a dash of curry and some other spices.

sandra, hahaha:) tuurt!! men ost ska det va tycker jag. dyrt får det vara då:)

PROVINS, tackar!! ja svensk matkultur är i princip densamma som finsk..eller iallafall som finlandsvensk;)

janet, thank you! nice that you left a comment:)

lou, thank you! yes the dress so cute!

jokemijn, Maybe you saw it at sandra jutos blog:) it's kalles kaviar, a swedish "paste" made of fish roe. maybe you can find it in ikea shops?

jasmine mirra, no actually not:) I got two cups from my boyfriends parents as a gift, they had found them in an antique store. I love them!
it's fish roe on a tube called kalles kaviar!

lisen, precis så känns det. och det är bra tycker jag! det är en gammal tant (minst 80 år) som vädrar sina kläder där på balkongen varje dag. hon bara städar och städar verkar det som:) jag brukar spionera på henne från vårt vardagsrumsfönster hihi..:)

jokemijn said...

oh yes, it must have been sandra juto, hard te remember where to have seen something. i'll have a look in the ikea shop next time i visit. I had great cinnamon cookies from there that i definitely will buy again.