Wednesday, 16 February 2011

Three different photos

I bought summer sandals..! Longing for warmer weather.
But the summer is very far away now. This week it's coldrecord here and up to -30 at night and -26 during the day..more or less.
Most of all I would like to sit by the fire with the book I am currently reading, "Out" by Natsuo Kirino.

I found the last picture on my desktop..and I might have posted it here before. Taken from the carwindow on a cold afternoon in December. Cold cold cold!

I'm curious to know what kind of weather you have right now where you live? :)


Anonymous said...

indeed, and natalie portman looked amazing, she really deserved the BAFTA for the best main actress :)

well, here, in Portugal, since the beggining of the week, there have been rainy days. and today it was no exception, plus cold, plus wind ahah

(i'm sorry for my bad english :p)

Finn said...

here, in Greece, we were spoiled by the sunny and warm days of last week which enabled us to go for long walks, thinking of spring! This week it has gone colder, early in the morning it is about -3 to 3, around 10 during the day. It sounds pretty warm compared to -26, doesn't it? indeed, this has been a kind winter, very little snow up until now


when skies are grey said...

We are having mostly perfect days here, a little on the warm side even. Soon it will be too hot!

Design Elements said...

rainy in Germany. sunny greetings :-)

Lisa Kjellerød said...

Here is Oslo its very similar to your weather, only a few degrees warmer. It is my first Scandinavian winter and its been quite a shock and very different from London winters. I have not walked on grass since November 26th and I'm soooooo ready for spring!

Anonymous said...

Uf, sandalerne har jeg liggende i mappen "flot-må-købe" & hvor er det dog endnu mere fristende nu, med det foto du fremligger hér. God torsdag!

Megon and Julie said...

Here in the middle of the US it's unseasonably warm, up to 66F today. I'm hoping spring is here, but they are saying we might get a few more weeks of winter soon!
xo, julie

erin jane / atlantic treefox said...

chilly where you are!

here in halifax, nova scotia it's been a bit weird. a few days ago i was wearing a skirt & tights & not chilly at all. now it's way bitter & windy. the next couple of days will be rainy snow. grossssss.

whitney said...

i'd love to tell you what our weather is like here, but today it was: sunny, raining, hailing, snowing, thundering&lightning, and super windy. all at different times. today it was really cold, but yesterday it was over sixty degrees. talk about unpredictable!! and then tonight, it was so icy on the pavement that i slipped and fell and was quite convinced that my elbow was broken. it's not, of course, i just panicked and laid on the ground for awhile. it's funny now. :)
i wish i could think about wearing sandals but it seems so far away! i love your new ones though. :)

Anna said...

What a beautiful sandals Maria!where are you buy?zara?
Here in Barcelona it's too cold, 8º..I can't compare with you..but too moisture..I miss the summer!
Soon come!be patient ;)

Anna said...

Vilken utsökta sandaler, M! Jag dog nästan lite av avundsjuka här i 0-gradiga mulna göteborg! Kram!

sc said...


Here it´s the change of the season. From "cold" season to hot(!) season. The sky is still blue, but the air is turning to humid and burning hot. The temperature is around +32c. (+28c in the night time) Greetings to u ^^

Maria said...

teresa leonor, she absolutely did! äh don't worry about your english, mine is awful from time to time but I don't think about it that much anymore:) I think yours is good!

finn, aahh greece, I'm dreaming myself away..:) but I didn't know that you can have -degrees there too!? even if it's not near as cold as here..

when skies are grey, I want to be there!! Our neighbours are actually in florida right now:))

design elements, better rain than ice and snow;)

lisa, oh I'm sure it must be cold for you! but hopefully not too long anymore:)

pernille, vad bra:) jag är riktigt nöjd med mitt köp.
kanske skorna är billigare nu medan det är rea på asos!
önskar jag kunde börja ha på mig dem snart..

megon and julie, oh that's like summer! hope it stays warm. weird that the temperature changes that much!

erin jane/atlantic treefox, yes it is! right now the weather and temperature seems to be changing very fast from day to day everywhere. hmm..

whitney, wow, that's some crazy weather! poor you, i hate to fall and hurt my elbows or knees it hurts so bad! but good that you can laugh about it now:)

anna, they are from! you can get them in different colours.
8° in barcelona sounds cold! but I guess it will be warm there soon:)

maria said...

anna, 0 grader låter ju inte så tokigt just nu:) de finns på asos;) kram på dig

sc, ojoj that's hot! for me it would be great, I'm so sick of this cold! take care:)

ann-mari said...

lovely pics as usual :) I too have been longing for spring clothes
I live in the middle of England where it is 5 C grey and dull with some rain but then blasts of sunshine and rainbows...i guess April weather a bit early :)I find the temperatures in Finland quite astonishing!

Charlotte said...

Nice blog!!! I will vist you again!

Laura said...

Constant rain and clouds, the worst sort of weather! (england)

jokemijn said...

it was 10 degrees celcius last week, but now it's back to 2... we got a taste of spring and are back to winter...