Tuesday, 1 February 2011

The End

Tonight I was on the opening of my little sisters photoexhibition, "The end" which she has together with Mike Von Tappokone. It was naked and cold, in a good way. They're both very talented. Here are some quick shots from it.
Snyggt jobbat syster yster och Mike!

Mike tk


Mike tk

Glitter on our way home.


syster sophia said...

åh jag hade SÅ velat vara med där... vår lilla bebissysters egna vernissage..!!

Anonymous said...

those pics are marvelous. And yeah, they look pretty distressing and cold.
and your sister is so cute!

griffen said...

the pictures are great, and your sister is really pretty!

maria said...

sophia, ja det var riktigt bra! du får ju se den snart:)

vivalabroma and griffen, yes she is:)

spoonful said...

Väldigt bra bilder.