Monday, 28 February 2011

Last day of February

Very pale series of pictures this time..
Pictures from a walk yesterday, today's afternoon and my mom's fried springrolls, they're soooo good, much better than they look:)

It's been a good Monday so far. Almost everybody at work are on sports vacation this week. And my only job is to do a wallpainting in one room at the kindergarten. Fun!
I will take Friday off and spend the day with my mom before she goes back to Stockholm.

My dad "forced" me to try a honey product he had bought, called propolis. A half teaspoon in the tea is enough. It's supposed to be very healthy, but I think the jar looks like it contains poison.. It tastes weird, a bit bitter.


CW said...

Just stumbled across your blog recently. ... lovely.

Mama said...

Bra att vårrullarna smakar bättre än hur dom ser ut :)

Anonymous said...

what camera do you use? :p

ann-mari said...

wow! what is sports vacation? wish we had that :) do you do like sport? yes, the packaging definitely doesn't give the impression it contains something healthy or tasty :)

Škorčica said...

I remember I had to take propolis (and honey, honeycomb, pollen-granulat) while I was little. It was also my dad, who "forced" me. :)

Luckily I liked it (I still do) and luckily there were a lot better looking jars like this on the photo. :))

maria said...

CW, thank you:)

mamma, <3

teresa leonor, I mostly use a canon 7D.

ann-mari, It's a week long holiday that schools/kindergarten, but also others have around this time every year. It's called "sports vacation"(directly translated from swedish:) because mostly people go sporting somewhere, skiing etc.
I'm not so into sport, I was more interested when I was younger. But I like jogging;)

skorcica, Oh really! :) At first it tasted bitter but now I've had it in my tea two times and the taste is not so bad anymore.

Megon and Julie said...

wow, where do you live? That propolis is made in Illinois which is not far from where I live!! Propolis is SOOOO good for you!!

maria said...

megon and julie, hehe.. in finland. but my dad had ordered it. I'm going to drink a cup of tea with it right now! cool if it's close from where you live:)

Škorčica said...

I forgot: I never tried propolis in tea (I should). They gave me a little sugarcube with few drops of propolis on.

For today maybe it doesn't sound so healthy :), because children eat too much candy anyway, but in those days it was much healthier food on general and this was just occasional treat in winter days. So good!

And it was also localy produced, yes, that is the best, if it's possible.

Now I have to make myself some tea with honey! :)

Limner said...

LOL! sorry, but I thought those were sea barnacles. Bet they taste great though.

Bee propolis is supposed to be good for you unless you are allergic.

I learn a lot coming here. Gives me much to ponder, too.

Siubhan said...

It does look like it's for killing bees, for sure! How unusual. I like the atmosphere of your pale pictures - they're very clean and fresh.

cinta / sepi / sayu said...

photos of everyday life are just, so, good.

Valerie said...

propolis is the stuff the bees use inside the beehive to protect it again viruses... delurking here because i have a smile agreeing that the packaging is not very successful & would put anybody off ! but yes it is good for your thoat & supposed to strenghten your immune system :)