Saturday, 5 February 2011

Random pics, pinterest, calendar..

Random pictures from today and last weekend.
It has been a very gray day, I've been to some fleamarkets but didn't find much, or I wasn't really in the mood. But I did find an ugly necklace and bought it because it had some nice details, a chestnut(?) and two treecones.
Think I'll make my own version of a necklace..

Another good thing today: I finally joined Pinterest! So far I started to make some boards..still learning about how the whole thing works, but it's really fun!

+ It's already February and I still haven't got myself a calendar...can't find the right one. Maybe I just go and buy a simple one from the bookstore or make my own, I always used to do that a few years ago.
Last year I had one from Julie Joliat and was very pleased with it. This year it's already sold out!
Do you have one that you can recommend?


when skies are grey said...

Hey Maria, I just "followed" you on Pinterest (I joined recently myself).
For my calender, I've been using that roll of paper you can get at ikea and making a big monthly calender so I have room to write in each day if I want :)

whitney said...

mmm...i think i would like to come eat food at your place!
we just use iCal on the computer, boring i know, but it syncs with our phones so we always know what's happening! (even though i never know what day it is!)

Giedre said...

Such beautiful images! I just found your blog and I'm really enjoying it. Keep up the good work! :)

ave said...

I love my moleskin, large monthly with softback! They have many good ones.

When skies are gray: Great idea!

griffen said...

love pomegranates they are my favorite things ever. oh and blueberries. one more thing, chia seeds ;)

Saga said...

Här är en finfin almanacka:

Skulle ha köpt en själv om jag inte redan skaffat en annan.

lisen said...

jag har med såna plastkottar!! wow!

gracia said...

Seem to have taken a wrong turn and received an error message when posting my comment... from memory I burbled something along the lines of... Like the random pics, and that bird map. Utter brilliance.

Then I think I typed something about wishing it were still a brand new year but a few days old. February!? The year is cracking on.

maria said...

when skies are grey, good, thanks;) that's a good idea. I already have a really good wall calendar from sunkentreasure, but your way seems super so I might try it for next year!

whitney, you're welcome to come and eat at my place any day;)

giedre, thank you so much! welcome back:)

ave, yes moleskins are great! I've actually been thinking of getting the moleskine monthly planner box set(in different colours) maybe maybe..

griffen, we seem to have the same taste:)

saga, tusen tack för tipset! den va fin.

lisen, jo jag kommer ihåg att du hade sådana!! visst var dom också från ett halsband? är inte säker på att mina är av plast, sen är det något inuti som skramlar..

gracia, oops! but nice that you took time to write a comment again:) thank you, the bird map is a new find which I'm very fond of.
I can't believe that it's soon middle of February.
everyone keeps saying time flies..soon I wonder if time really goes faster now than before, like the earth is spinning faster..haha:)