Saturday, 19 February 2011

Treasure hunting

Me and Linnea went to a fleamarket and I found some nice things. (Of course hey!)
A wall ship, a little bowl, an old book about Sami people with a nice cover.

And some childrens books. The three ones in the middle makes me so nostalgic, I just love all books from Inger and Lasse Sandberg.
Then an english book about a pigeon and a hotdog..hmm. It seemed so stupid and funny.

Things I actually didn't need. But it's ok with fleamarket books, or?!


whitney said...

oh my goodness...that last book is awesome! how could you say no?

Saga said...

Böcker är det enda jag kan köpa med riktigt gott samvete, och speciellt på loppis!

Karolina said...

I love treasure hunting as well! All the history in these things..


gracia said...

Like the look of the boat sailing across that splendid book. My own nice finds always make me smile. Fleamarket books are always a Yes.

tinajo said...

You can never have too many fleamarket books! :-D

Trevlig helg! :-)

MANDY said...

I love flea markets for books, really liking your selection !!!

jokemijn said...

i love the ship and the cover of the book in the top picture, definitely right to bring these to your home!