Sunday, 14 November 2010

Nighttime in Helsinki

Yesterday was so much fun! Lots of laughter and lovely people. Here are some pictures from Jasas exhibition and afterwards. The exhibition consisted of a crazy performance that the audience also took part of. Smash and destroy!


louise said...

My computer isn't loading photos on blogs tonight. I think it is a bit tired. So, I shall let it rest and have to leave your photos to my imagination instead. I'm sure they are much fun. xo lj

barbarabeesblog said...

That looks like an crazy happening. My son would have loved the smash and destroy part.

rosanna said...

men fy, de DÄR va ju den fulaste bilden, ser ut som mumin!
Men jo, trevlig/konstig/dramatisk kväll. Det var iaf kul att ses:)