Monday, 1 November 2010


Some pictures taken this weekend. I ate the last turkish delights and now the box is empty, need to buy more! They are addictive, especially together with my afternoon coffe.

I don't really know what to blog about. Nothing new is happening here so it'll do with these short sporadic posts. Hoping for more inspiration later in the week!


zizi bloom said...

love your photos!!!

JohannaK said...

Härligt att hitta en toppen fin Vasa- blogg. Jättefina och häftiga bilder!! :)

Mallory said...

the turkish delight looks delicious! i've never actually tried any before... as it's unfortunately not very available in my section of the world.

Erica said...

those Turkish delight makes my tummy hungry! they look yummy!

cute post! its always fun to see imagery from others daily life. :)

louise said...

I've never been a fan of Turkish Delight, though I would love to be. It's such an exotic and old fashioned name for a sweet treat and they look completely delicious. xo lj

maria said...

zizi bloom, thank you!

johannak, oj vad kul! tack ska du ha:)

mallory, hope you get to try one. they are really sweet so 1 is good enough. maybe you can order them from somewhere if you're really keen on trying.. :)

erica, they are:) nice to hear that you like my daily life pictures.

louise, I also didn't like them first, but later I got used to the sweet taste and now I love them! yes the name is lovely;)

maria said...
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gracia said...

I am all for a host of sporadic posts, and I know that feeling well. Sometimes you have so much you can't fit it all in and at other times not a thing to say or share.

Hope some inspiration hits.