Sunday, 7 November 2010

Collecting cones

Today I went to pick tree cones, gonna use them for christmas crafting with the schoolkids. Now I will try to remove sap from the cones, easier said than done!

We've also cleaned out the closets in the apartment, sorting and sorting. It was something that really needed to be done..All this stuff! why do I always save everything?

How has your weekend been?


L.A. PLAYLIST said...

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whitney said...

i've been seeing lots of pinecones around here, and i've been thinking about collecting them too! that one in the top picture that you found is so big!

Hannah said...

I went photographing on the weekend (just around my streets) and took photos of pine cones so I can draw them later :)
I stockpile rubbish too haha.

rosanna said...

du sparar ju på allt, de har du alltid gjort!;)
Vi sku måsta skypa eller skriva här nån dag, vill veta hur de går däruppe!

JohannaK said...

Vart hittar du så fina kottar? Skulle behöva hitta några stycken :)

Karolina said...

Cleaning not needed stuff is always a pain for me too!


Barbara said...

aw what a wonderful blog!!! i'm your new follower!!