Saturday, 20 November 2010

Goodmorning Saturday

My friend Johan who also made this video (linked in the post) has made two new music videos. They are great!

Have a look:

Tallest man on earth-Love is all (official video)

LCTRISC- Last kiss (official video)

Thank you so much for your comments on my previous post! :)


Angelica said...

Great Videos!

Thanks Maria. The Chile rellenos are easy to make but it has a process. So maybe the first couple of times you make them, it might take longer than you expect.

Here's a really good explanation of the recipe.

Let me know if you try it. They're delicious! I bought a side of white rice (not jasmine) and mixed it with butter to give it more flavor! :)

Finn said...

i loved the first song in its video-
it went right through me :)

thank you, Maria
and congratulations on your birthday
all the best!

hila said...

happy belated birthday! and the videos are great :)

gracia said...

I'm a little late, but happiest of happy birthday cheer to you! xo

maria said...

angelica, oh thank you for the recipe! I'll let you know when I try it! Hope to do it soon.

finn, nice that you liked them:) and thank you for the bday wishes! all the best to you too.

hila, thank you! good that you like them:)

gracia, thank you so much gracia!! :)