Monday, 22 November 2010

Calm & vague

The roses I got from my grandmother on my birthday are slowly beginning to wither. Wonder that they haven't wilted before now when they get this little amount of daylight.
It has started to darken outside when I come home from work every day. How will I be able to take some pictures in pure daylight for this blog this following month!? Don't wanna use flash all the time..

It's also getting colder and colder and I do believe that the snow is here to stay.
It's those days when I think it's very cosy to lit some candles and drink a cup of tea while knitting (or crocheting now that I've learned how to do it..)
Feels so good to just do this and not sit on needles and feel like I'm in a hurry to do this and that. Maybe it's my new age, 27 that has made me very grown up :)

Hope you had a good weekend! Mine was very calm...of course!!


sunkentreasure said...

hope you had a nice birthday! xxx

Citlalli said...

Hi, I find your blog and I like it so much! specially your pictures, are amazing!, I`m 27 too and I think it`s a perfect age!
Have a good week! :)

andrea tachezy said...

Happy Birthday Maria!Do you have already snow?This morning I felt the winter in the air for the first time.

Lolita Blahnik said...

Lovely photos!
Good week!

SASHA said...

oo i love these photos especially the bottom 2, so nice:))

hila said...

snap, I'm 27 too! It's really hard for me to picture what it would be like without constant sunshine. Living in Australia, it's constantly sunny, even in winter.