Tuesday, 16 February 2010

Sunny studio

Sunshine, sunshine almost every day! Spring is on it's way, maybe?

Elisabelle tagged me last week, to write 7 things about me! I think I've done this before but a long time ago so it's definitely time to do this again. Thank you Elisabelle:)

1. My middle name is Sabrina and I hated it when I was a kid, now I got more used to it.

2. I have a huge fear that my home would burn down, so I tend to always check the stove twice before i leave..almost like a compulsion, no? :)

3. I loved building treehouses when I was a kid, and I also planned to live there when I got older

4. I am addicted to hand cream and lip balm

5. I'm a dreamer, but that doesn't mean I don't know the reality

6. I keep small notes everywhere

7. current obsession: pickled artichokes

If you'd like to participate- I tag YOU!


kristina - no penny for them said...

great list!

i'm also addicted to hand cream and lip balm...

gracia said...

I am also rather addicted to lip balm and hand cream... and it took me awhile to like my middle name too. Hmm, perhaps I will play along with this open tag of yours.

Enjoy the sun as it filters through into your space... here's to spring for you and autumn for me.

Lisen said...

å vad skönt med sol!
hihi, legogranar..såna va längesen man såg!

Elisabelle said...

I love pickled artichokes!
I love the small note habits:)

Thanks for playing along!

smnp said...

Im also addicted to handcream and lipbalm and I keep small notes everywhere;)

jenna said...

ah, the hand cream and lip balm addiction, i too have it. :) these rays of light are just wonderful, they make me so happy! :)

Leen said...

I agree, lip balm and hand cream are absolute essentials!

beautiful studiolight by the way :-)

outi said...

ah that sun light in your studio..
nice to read your list! i´m also addicted to lip palm. i have several ones in different pockets, i try to make sure that at least one is always with me;)