Friday, 12 February 2010

Hello Friday!

Not much left of this Friday but still a few hours!
Hope your weeks has been nice. Mine has been almost exactly as I wrote on Monday. I got much done, and my cold is basically gone.

Today was a sunny day, I have been in the studio and sent a scholarship application, wohoo (3 more to go) and just came home from a dinner out. We drank a drink based on sea buckthorn, very sour but I think (hope) it was healthy. Wine and good food + dessert.
Now I'm going to finish this day with the documentary Home.


danica said...

oh my, that dessert looks wonderful. i love the little insights into your life, maria :)

Shorty said...

Försöker komma på var du varit och ätit, men är lite puzzled. Efterrätten ser ut som Fransmanni, men duken? Kan de faktiskt ha en sådan duk där? :)

Brit said...

Mmmm a lovely dinner out always makes a friday night fun! That dessert looks delicious!

gracia said...

Sea buckthorn? Sounds most curious.

Looks like it was a good way to start the weekend sans cold. Woo!

maria said...

danica, thank you:) sometimes I worry that it might be boring or always the same but good to hear that you like to read about it.

shorty, jo fransmanni är det:) gillar inte stället egentligen. vi hade tänkt gå till central men det var stängt.. brukar dom inte ha sådana dukar där?:) lite bondromantik(usch)!

brit, so true! :)

gracia, it's a very sour berry that grows in the archipelago. maybe we only have them in europe+the north..I don't know!:)