Thursday, 18 February 2010


I'm not doing much of interest these days, working in the studio mostly and not taking any pictures.
The weather is still sunny but yesterday it snowed even more! ?
These two are from an overexposed Sunday-walk on the countryside and yesterdays breakfast :)

Hope you're having a nice week!


sophia said...

vilken stadig frukost ;)

Sanne said...

it could be a cloud too ;-) is seems so peaceful and soft..

Hello Sandwich said...

That top image is just so so beautiful! I love love love it! I wish it was on my wall!
Happy weekend!
Love Love
Hello Sandwich

gracia said...

Sundays are good days for walking about with no direction in mind, I find.

Hope all your work is going well, and I look forward to seeing it, should you share it here.

maria said...

sophia, jajja:)

sanne, that's nice:) thanks!

hello sandwich, thank you so much! hope you had a nice weekend aswell:)

gracia, true. today wasen't as nice as last sunday, I was working and it's a snowstorm no walk:/ I will show some of the work tomorrow!