Tuesday, 2 February 2010

Studio details

Most of my days will look quite the same these weeks. I'm spending most of the time in my studio and some other days I work at the museums. The graduation project will follow me in my mind all the time.
Now that I seriously have begun working on the the visual part, I'm slightly getting nervous about the written part of my work. Have to collect all notes and start working out a text very soon.

- - - - -

What do you think about iPad? I'm not sure yet..


lina said...

wow. all of these things look so neat! i'm liking them all : )

gracia said...

Thanks for the studio glimpse... always exciting to see a little behind-the-scenes process. All the best with the theory side of what it is you do... it can be hard to find the right words for such... and hard to keep it open-ended.

Linnéa said...

Det kommer gå så bra så! :)

Esti said...

I like to see a little something of other people's studios. You seem to have a good place, full of light :)