Thursday, 4 February 2010

Gang of trees

And two breakfasts, pictures which illustrate my day. Haven't done much, lack of energy.

But I badly want a Megadoily! So pretty.


outi said...

oh wow that megadoily looks super! i can imagine how it feels under bear feet..
that tree gang hanging in the park looks also some how sweet;)

i wish you energetic days Maria!

danica said...

hmm, i want to have breakfast at your place, maria! and mega doiley! holy cow - i am impressed. i really want one now too.

maria said...

outi, I thought about that too, must feel nice to walk on it:) I gave myself a vitamin boost but I'm quite tired still= I got a cold:(

danica, please come by anytime:) I wonder how much a megadoily would cost..probably a lot.

when skies are grey said...

Your food always looks so good to me, yummy.