Friday, 20 November 2009


It's Friday already! A rainy Friday..
Hope you're all fine and have good plans for the weekend! I'm planning to relax and paint.
Tomorrow's the funeral. I'm a little nervous about it..funerals are always so sad.


Elisabelle said...

It is sad but it is also important to say good bye, for her but mostly for you. It is part of the grieving process.
Hope it will not be too hard.

Anonymous said...

I hope painting detracts your from the despair of the funeral:(
have a sweet friday, and a bittersweet tomorrow, like Elisabelle said, it is so very imortant to say goodbye♥
take care, love♥

lina said...

i was just at a funeral too.
those cushion chairs in that photo are quite lovely : )

lisen said...

Hoppas det gick bra och var fint idag. Trots sorgligheten...
Hoppas du får en fin söndag!