Monday, 2 November 2009

Figs & patience

Ok, these pictures doesn't really fit together but I post them like this anyway.
Just wanted to share my new favourite; yoghurt with figs and honey!

Thought I would have had a lot done today, but no, my creativity has locked itself! Tomorrow is another day off and I expect to get twice more done than today. I'm repeating myself again..

Where did my patience go?


schorlemädchen said...

yum..oh your fig-yoghurt looks so tasty : ) i think ill try this soon too

Elisabelle said...

I like the 2 picture together:)

lisen said...

ser gott ut det!

ibland är massa tid o ledigt nåt som iaf ger mej en tvärtom-effekt..överflödet av tid jag tror jag ibland har..bara försvinner..tror jag kan hinna göra allt o så blire inget. kom igen, imorrn..! :)

katie said...

i had figs as breakfast this morning. yum ;)

asphaltandair said...

that's one delicious bowl of goodness there! yum! i need to try that myself.
i never tire of seeing blue skys and power lines with cropped trees.
nice shot!

andrea tachezy said...

yum, it looks sooo tasty!

Brit said...

Mmm yoghurt, figs and honey.. Now that I must try!