Friday, 13 November 2009

Friday dinner

Rasmus wanted to make a secret dinner so he closed the kitchen door and didn't let me in. But after a while I sneaked in anyway:) We eat almost always different food because I'm vegetarian-he's not. But it works.

My friend Frank has now a blog/portfolio! Check out Frank A. Unger


Fine Little Day said...

Pysmys :)

Här är läget detsamma, tjejerna vegetarianer, killarna inte.

katie said...

So nice he did this. For us it is the same. I am veg and Denis eats meat, but its always fine really!

I spelled the name wrong before. It is cheburashka.from Russia.
Have a lovely weekend>

Anonymous said...

hooray for vegetarians!
I love the first picture, dear. It has such a lovely contrast♥