Saturday, 14 November 2009


Just came home from work. I held workshop for kids today at the museum, it's fun and time goes fast. What did you do today?

Early tomorrow morning we're going up to Tornio to pick up Rasmus artwork that has been there on an exhibition. It's going to be fun with a little roadtrip:)

Have a good Saturday evening!


Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

roadtrips are ever so lovely♥
that feeling of leaving somewhere, and yet the adventure and excitement for your destination♥

ibb said...

Nice shots. Nice plan

lisen said...

va roligt som händer!
då flyyyger tiden!

jag har promenerat långt med Stina idag. Sen gick vi till jobbet. Hade ingen arbetsro dock, så vi gick hem ganska snart. Ibland blir det så. Då äre bäst o dra.

maria said...

mermaid, yes I agree! It's a nice feeling when you're finally on the way.

ibb, thank you! the plan is done and it all went good.

lisen, jag trodde jag skulle haft arbetsro idag men det blev inte alls så. hade iofs en massa "annat" att göra. planerar stiga upp tidigt imorgon och få mycket gjort!