Sunday, 14 June 2009

Very strange weather today, raining on one side of the house but not on the other, sunshine and then rain again..
We had dinner with my family in the afternoon, Sune was exploring the garden and eating grass. He loves to be outside now and then even if he is an indoor cat.

I hope you enjoyed your weekend! (Thank you for the movie tips;)


Jenna said...

these are so lovely, like always maria!

Hanna Åberg said...

lilla gräsätaren! vad söt

sophia said...

haha sune då han äter gräset, hahah! och salami i min famn <3 min lilla flicka.

lisen said...

Sune äter gräs.

Det låter som en bra boktitel :)

fina festliga bilder inunder här också!

Sakletarn said...

haha vilken söt katt. lurvig och fin.

kinako said...

hello♫ this is a lovely blog! i especially love the 5th one in this set :) i am happy i found my way here. have a lovely day!

asphaltandair said...

lovely shots!
do tell!
what is in that salad????
it seems to be watermelon and olives? could that be?
are my eyes playing tricks on me?

Rynke said...

Sune makes me laugh :)

maria said...

jenna, thank you so much:)

hanna, :) han är monstruöst söt!

sophia, ooold spice trivs i din famn:)

lisen, haha faktiskt! kanske ett nytt projekt? ;)

sakletarn, jo han är fin:)

kinako, thank you! have a lovely day you too:)

asphaltandair, a melon salad! containing watermelon, feta cheese, olives(black or green), basil and balsamico. it's SO good!

rynke, he makes me laugh too:D