Thursday, 4 June 2009

Stormy weather

My throat feels much better today, thanks to a lot of hot tea with honey and lemon.

The weather is really awful, grey and stormy..and I should continue to write on some schoolwork essays about gender perspective, but I allow myself to go out for lunch first!


lina said...

it's cold & windy where i am. very much not june weather!

what is the third photo of?

Maria said...

lina, exactly, I want summer back! to be honest with you, I don't know what it is! just a pile of toothpicks(un-used:) and something I was doodling!

epe said...

mmmm, sounds delicious, perfect for this autummn time!

Anonymous said...

Hieno blogi ja upeita kuvia! Annoitte Hugolle niin hienon synttärikortin että muutaman perheen äidit halusivat varastaa idean :)


Ps. minun vaatimaton rakennusblogini on suojattu salasanalla (kysy Rasilta salasana)

outi said...

it has been weird weather.. today i´m happy cause the sun came out:)
sunny sunday for you! and hopefully your are feeling fine already!

Anonymous said...