Thursday, 11 June 2009

Baby crow

Poor little thing! The baby crow just sat there under the tree and looked a bit confused, I hope it finds it's way home.

We were talking about movies today, there are so many I want to see. What good movie did you see lately?


sandra said...

såg en jättebra häromdagen, en svensk, ping-pongkingen. vackert foto, vackra färger.

epe said...

i saw adventuraland on tuesday. it's a nice moovie and the music is really cool!

Maria said...

sandra, ja den vill jag se!!

epe, thanks for the tip, I'm going to check it out!

Rynke said...

I saw The Reader yesterday, I really liked that one.

And last week I watched The Black Balloon and thought it was a supernice feelgood movie!

gracia said...

Such a sad figure he or she cuts... I hope they made it home safely too.

As to films, yikes! I cannot recall. One thing I do know is that soon the Melbourne International Film fest starts and I will be going to as many as I can possibly muster.

Make it Easy said...

aww haha sad!