Saturday, 23 April 2011

24h in Helsinki

Yesterday evening in Helsinki was all good. When we arrived we went to Gallery Sinnes new location. It's HUGE and it's going to be the BEST gallery in Helsinki! It actually used to be an old sexshop there before.
Rasmus is participating in a groupshow there, opening on Wednesday next week. It's also the opening of the new gallery space. Ooooh I really wish I could be there..

Anyway, after I had seen the gallery I left Rasmus and the others there and went to see my friend Tuuli and her dog Taika* the cute half Indian straydog.
We walked the streets in her neighbourhoods and went to her home for some food and sparkling wine.

*We also found out yesterday that Taika loves to "sing" along when somebody plays the harmonica. So funny.

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