Saturday, 22 January 2011

Time for a home makeover

Small details and our kitchen window viewed from the outside.

I'm very inspired to refurnish my home. Haven't had time, + lately I have been focused on other things, but now feels like the right time for it.

I want something new. If I only had the money...good that I like second hand stuff. Also self-made of course:)
Sometimes I get crazy ideas which seems so good in my mind but when it comes to do it it doesn't look good or work out the way I like it to. Now I wanna build my own kitchen table..hmm.
Anyway, I think it's good to refurnish your home now and then. Get inspired too:)


Same Length Pinkies said...

building a table sounds kind of simple (a board and four legs), but i bet it's actually pretty difficult given its potentially frequent use and heavy loads.

griffen said...

i think it is to. although, i'm terrible at shopping second hand. i feel like you have to have the eye for it. and the patience. i love the little book shelf and icicles on the side of the house. =)

din ena lillasyster said...

men NAM va e de där för en nudelsoppa? ge recept! :)