Wednesday, 19 January 2011

A find and food, one more time

I don't have much to blog about because right now my days are pretty much the same.
So, here is another find from last weekend. A bunch of old hangers. I really like those metal ones.
And a dinner, tried to make a beetroot risotto. It tasted good but could have been more creamy. Cooked it over too high heat I guess.

It's flu times at work but so far I've done just fine. Maybe it's because I spice up my coffee with cardamom every morning:)


Deleilan said...

What a beautiful, colourful plate!

Hmmm, coffee flavoured with cardamom? That sounds delicious, I'll try it! Cardamom isn't used very often here, unfortunately.

Elisabelle said...

beetroot risotto!! what a great idea :)

bright lights, big cities said...

first of all, anytime i see metal hangers on the street i pick them up. i'm not sure where you got these, but i like to think you found them piled up somewhere and couldn't resist yourself [like i do so much}!

and i love beets, so this looks amazing to me!!