Sunday, 23 January 2011


I'm happy-woke up to sunshine today! This winter has otherwise been very dark with almost no sunshine.
Our neighbours downstairs invited us for wine yesterday, nice. We're lucky to have really nice neighbours in the building, almost like a little big family (only 6 apartments in the whole house).

Today I'm eating hot lentilsoup leftovers and cleaning, washing -organizing. Searching for new kitchen lamps on the net..etc.

Happy Sunday everyone!


when skies are grey said...

Hi Maria, nice to see you got some sunshine and that things are going well :)

marta filipa said...

he sun always fill us with energy, don't you think?

(and i'm in love with your photos.)

Karolina said...

As always. I love your photos


amanda jane said...

ah! I love your felt fruit. adorable!

jokemijn said...

for a few days we had sunshine. Although now it's drizzling, it feels like snow is really far away. I love your pictures and the sneak peak through your art books in the previous post.

Veja cecilia said...

sol i hjärta, sol i sinne, sol ute och sol inne:)