Thursday, 27 January 2011


I'm really into natural cosmetics! A "trend" that for once isn't unnecessary..and which is here to stay. Good that people get more and more aware of what they eat and put on their skin. We get too much bad stuff in our bodies anyway.

Here are some of my favourites: I love the primavera rose water and weledas almond facial oil!
Also my favourite solid perfumes from lush, karma and breath of god (a scent for guys I think, but I like it too:) But I'm not so sure Lush is really that good, because they sometimes use some very bad ingredients:/ Do you know?

Yesterday I got a new foundation from swedish Smashit which I had ordered, 100% natural & organic. I tried it today and so far it's really good!

Do you have a favourite product that you can recommend?


Lou@Littlegreenshed said...

Hi I've been following your blog for a while now, but never have left a comment. I totally agree with you on not using any product with harsh chemicals such as parabens or SLS. I use faith in nature shampoo & shower gel. Also amphora aromatics organic face moisturiser. I love also spieza stuff but very expensive. Lou x

Megon and Julie said...

OOOH, I love Dr. Hauschkas hair lotion. I use ZuZu's pressed powder and Emani's concealer. I work at a natural food store, so this is SOOO up my alley. I could dork out on natural bodycare products all day!

Anna said...

hej kära m. jag är ju (som du vet) rätt devoted till lush. i en del av deras produkter lägger de de värsta av värst ingredienser. men i deras tidningar och innehållsförteckningar står allt som inte är organiskt med svart (resten står vanligtvis i grönt) så det är lätt å hålla koll på vilka produkter man vill ha. verkar väldigt intressant den där foundation, måste kolla upp det där. hoppas allt är bra med dig! här är idag helt underbart! kram från a.

Škorčica said...


I can't give you any new advice, since many of what I use are on your photo: Dr. Hauschka, Weleda and Sante; occasionally also Lavera and Logona. I like them all. In fact, since I use these (including decorative cosmetics), I can't stand usual cosmetics anymore.

But my favourites are Hauschka's facial products: moisturizing day cream(!), toned day cream and facial toner.

I'm, also very happy that more and more people choose natural products, when they can. Sometimes it is enough if you use just plain good olive oil as a body lotion for example. Smells so good! :)

Pozdrav/greetings! :)

griffen said...

lush products are awesome, we have a store in a neighboring city where i live. these products are all awesome to because they aren't tested on animals!

Pixie said...

I love Weleda and agree with you about Lush. I'm a fan of Burt's Bees shampoo and conditioner.

Marie said...

Produktene er sikkert økologiske og kanskje fri for parabener, men nye av disse produktene inneholdet "eteriske oljer" som kan være irriterende på huden og skape utslett og astma.

Alt er ikke bra bare fordi det er "naturlig". Eteriske oljer har akkurat de samme ulempene som parfyme i kosmetikk.

Selv bruker jeg kun produkter uten parabener og uten parfyme/eteriske oljer. Økologiske varer tror jeg ikke er bærekraftig for vår planet.

Pia said...

I totally agree with you, but I have to defend lush a little, as an former employee. I used to work there for 2,5 years and learned a lot. Some products indeed have ingredients that is not natural, mostly they use parabens which are synthetical. And they also use foodcolours and sometimes synthetical scents, such as in the very sweet products (snow fairy for example). But then again they quit using palm oil as a base for their soaps since they wanted to save orangutangs, forests and local people. Insted they use a base which contains rapeseed oil, coconut oil and sunflower oil if I remember it right. Also they have a lot of solid products which I think is really good. Often the discussion about natural cosmetics is very focused on the ingredients, and not as much on the form and packaging. Also, If you walk in a shop that calls itself ecological, like here in helsinki (ruohonjuuri) you will find the exact same ingredients, so in the end it is about where each one of us draws the line. I personally, could not live without lush ;). But it is very good to be critical on these matters as well. Kram på dig Maria!

maria said...

lou@littlegreenshed, hi:) those names are new to me, I will check them out, thanks!

megon and julie, yes it's great! your very welcome to give me more tips:)

anna, jag vet:) jo det är sant, och jag gillar ju verkligen lush. har inte ännu testat scrubben jag fick av dig, men kanske ikväll:) den doftar så gott. kram

Scorcica, hello! yes it's true, i also get more and more used to the natural stuff and when I use the "usual" it doesn't feel good anymore.
think I'm gonna try Hauschka's facial products next time when I need to buy new creams.

griffen, yes and they smell so good too..!

pixie, I haven't heard of burt's bees, i'll google it:)

marie, jo det är ju sant. speciellt om man har extra känslig hud.
men det är svårt att helt undvika eteriska oljor om man ändå gillar en god doft i sitt shampoo t.ex.

pia, jag förstår dig, och jag gillar ju också lush mycket. synd bara att de använder vissa skadliga ä som du skrev så gör många det, och man kunde ju försöka undvika de produkterna. tack för informationen! kram:)

bright lights, big cities said...

le stick deodorant, Nature de France, fresh gardenia. literally the best stuff ever.

Anonymous said...

I use weleda (Almond Soothing Facial Lotion) for my skin I really love Lush and Avene (even it's not eco). For my hair I tried urtekram but I didn't like it too much...
I usually like the Baby Care section because my skin is so fragile and it's horrible to have rash all over my face if it's not a good stuff.