Tuesday, 26 August 2008


But add basil instead of tomatos. Very good!

I want this quilt cover!


tootootbeepbeep said...

Crazy Guacamole, never made it myself but I loves me some avocado. The quilt looks great, a bit "electo" (lulz) + it's fairtrade!!! xoxo

andrea tachezy said...

Looks tasty.

Marie-Louise said...

Jag tittade in på länken och är oxå väldigt förtjust i dessa nya muminmönster på både lakan och handdukar. Och det är så härligt att det är så stora tryck.

Alice said...

Hello :)

how do you keep you basil alive ?? mine is desperatly dying... :(

mansuetude said...

looks so so good.

maria said...

tootootbeepbeep, go ahead and make it now, it's goood!
I know you want it too... :)

andrea tachezy, and it taste even better!

marie-louise, jo muminmönstrena är jättefina, skulle gärna köpa det som går i grått:)

alice, hello:) hmm, did you sow it yourself? this one I bought and then put in a pot, but I make sure it gets enough sunlight and water (not too much water). it's not dead yet! I read that it's good to add a little fertilizer sometimes but I haven't done that yet..hope your basil survives!

mansuetude, it is:)

Alice said...

haha thank you for the gardening tips :D :D
i will try that !!

Duermevela said...

Yum... guacamole is nice. And I love the white-green pics too.