Friday, 15 August 2008

Giorgio Barrera

Window #11a

Window #22

Window #37c

Yesterday photographer Giorgio Barrera was at our home and took a picture for his "Through the window" project. It was really exiting and different! He stood outside on a big rock ( we live on the 2nd floor), we were in our flat and just did something, pretending that we don't know we're being photographed.
You are able to see us and details in the flat because of the flash he put up which he controlled from the outside.

Right now Giorgio Barrera is travelling through the north (Denmark, Sweden, Finland, Norway) and taking pictures for his project. Our teacher asked us if we wanted to be photographed for the project and we thought it's cool:) The whole thing went really fast, around 1 hour.
So if the photo turned out good, then he'll use it in the series. It was a great experience!

I find his pictures very interesting, there are tiny details that catches the eye and you want to see more but you can't. It almost feel like to spy on someone!


Mal said...

That's brilliant !
I was wondering if they weren't "photoshoped" due to the clarity of the inside. But now that I have the explanation it makes sense :D

Veja cecilia said...

Den sista bilden är jättefina tycker jag!

sissi minanaä said...

it would be great if your "pic" is in the serie! I like this project! and thank for the link.

rosanna said...

jättefina foton!

Famapa said...

åh vad roligt! hoppas att vi får se resultaten snart :)

Duermevela said...

what a nice experience! Like that photos, it's an interesting project.

Esti said...

oh that's so exciting!!