Thursday, 21 August 2008

Dedicated to Ebba

The other day I went to my mother for lunch. Little Ebba gets always so overwhelmed when she sees me, dancing and shaking until she starts to "cough" of the exitement (she does like that to everyone).
Does anyone else have a chihuahua who acts like that?

After the lunch I sat down on the couch and started to draw just whatever. Ebba came and wanted to lay on my lap but couldn't as I was drawing, so she accepted the cushion instead.
Sweet and small:)


sandra said...

ebba är hur söt som helst. vilket roligt beteende, undrar vad hon tänker när hon blir sådär exalterad :)

lisen said...

hihi, vikken pytte-ebba!

faktiskt kan stina ibland ha samma beteende, just skaka o bli helt flippad av glädje...kutar runt (om man är ute) o tillslut börjar hon ibland hosta... Tror hon blir torr i munnen av ansträngning/lycka..sen brukar bakbenen skaka lite. Helt krejsy-bananas-glad. Oftast äre när husse bjuder på bus. Själv är jag inte så rolig att busa med o lyckas inte bringa denn lyckan, tyvärr...jag är mer för gos. :)

tootootbeepbeep said...

my chihuahua Bianca starts "snoring", aka "snarka" because of all the excitement. I've heard it has something with their small noses and the lack of air going in or something.

mansuetude said...

she is beautiful... perhaps she wants a drawing lesson. I would.