Friday, 1 August 2008

Eclipse of the sun

I went to town today with my sister. We ate strawberry-sandwiches and went to take a look at the partial sun eclipse. We didn't see much, could only take a glimpse at the sun. But I did see a dark "halfmoon" on the sun! Otherwise there was no noticeable difference.
Then I bought two new sketchbooks, in colour! My other ones are all in black. But I think I'll use the green one as an agenda.

I love fake Found this link in an old notebook.

Have a great Friday!


sara said...

å sånna där fina glittriga på nedersta bilden som snurrar i vinden det vill jag o Baby ha!!

sasha said...

strawberries + sandwich or salad = yes. i love this, too.

mette/ungt blod said...

i have never had a strawberry-sandwich! it look goooood

Esti said...

I heard about the eclipse but it wasn't visible from Spain.

Mal said...

It was too cloudy in Reykjavik to see anything as well...
Whenever I read you, I'm getting hungry... Go figure.
Maybe I should bear in mind that some of your photos are not hunger friendly :)
It looks so good for a breakfast anyway :)