Saturday, 12 April 2008


Finally I woke up to sunshine! We made a big brunch (I tried to make this) and then we went to hangout at some friend's house.

Rubber boots, because the ground is muddy

This cat was so social and cute

Johan, the harmonica master:)


Jan L. said...


asphaltandair said...

such wonderful, fun photos! it makes me happy just to look at them!

mette said...

oh i like the owl! wathing out for strangers! (and yes, Dennis and i lived for a year in reykjavik! and yea, it was both beautiful and strange! :) )

Esti said...

I like the second picture's mirror!

Alice said...

what a sweet sweet day <3
i just love the first picure.
and your friend at the window, he seems to have such funny/jumpy personnality, so nice :)

Maria said...

jan: JA-a !

asphaltandair: thanks, I'm glad you like them:)

mette: exactly:) I love owls! lucky you and dennis...:)

esti: thank you! I bought the mirror at a very cheap price a long time ago..

alice: yes it was a great day! and you're absolutely right about my friend, he's crazy :)

karin said...

Looking at your photos I do believe this was a wonderful day.
The mirror/dress photo is perfect.