Wednesday, 9 April 2008


I'm back! We had such a great time and I must say that Gothenburg is a beautiful city! Filled with cosy cafés and shops. We all got the impression that Gothenburg people are very friendly and not superficial at all.
Unfortunately we had bad luck with the weather, I'm sure the city is hundred times more beautiful in the summer!

And...I'm so angry with myself because I did not take many pictures at all:(

The 3 travellers:

Little sister Sophia hiding (and she might move to Gothenburg soon:) trying to drink espresso

and Rasmus looking very pale and scared in the flash:)

Here we were sitting in Nöller café, thanks to Sandra for the hot tip:)
(tack Sandra, det var fint och mysigt där! + älskade Haga-området)

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emma said...

Glad you had a great time. I would love to visit Gothenburg too!