Thursday, 24 April 2008

Outsider art

(bad quality, sorry)

I have a poster by Willem Van Genk (wikipedia link in german), which is a by part of a huge painting made by him. If I remember it right, the painting was about 3m x 2m or something..
I saw it in The Art Brut museum in Lausanne and I was amazed by all the details in the painting.


emma said...

så fin! synd att jag int har mina mera. men sen om du kommer till ch far vi till art brut museet igen! ha det bra!

Ruan :-) said...

Hey Maria, check out this link, you'd really love this guy I dont know if your familliar with him, street artist from UK called 'Banksy'.
Enjoy :-)

maria said...

hello ruan! thanks for the link, but I am already familiar with him:) Do you have a good South-African artist that you could recommend?

maria said...

..and yes, Banksy is very good!

maria said...

Emma! jo det måste vi absolut göra:) ha det bra du med, hörs! püssli

Esti said...

I should tell my mother in law to check out this artist, since she's always talking about Art Brut :)