Wednesday, 8 December 2010


Oh no, I've been a very bad blogger this week! But it has been a very ordinary week too, nothing really to blog about.
I've been working, eating lots of pistachios, visited my dad + salami the cat and preparing some christmas gifts..can't tell you yet what I'm making because some of them who will get something are reading my blog ;)

How are you?

OH! The little christmas dinner last Friday went really good! We all had so much fun. It was at a little local resturant in the village where I'm working, good food, nice people and lots of laughter. Unfortunately no pictures!


黃愛玲 said...

That cat = so adorable. =0)

sophia said...

SALAMI! snart är jag hos henne igen.

ska du ge oss träskedar i julklapp? ;)

rosanna said...

aahw, jobbiga old spice, bra bild:)
snart ses vi!

gracia said...

Feeling like I have not enough time to blog but very much wishing I did... must try to squeeze in a little here and there is something I keep promising myself. Your week sounds pretty December good to me.

be well, g xo

gracia said...

P.S. That feline! What a charmer!

Barbara said...

me doing fine!! beautiful pics!!

ann-mari said...

ak! what a beautiful cat (somewhere sunne is jealous (: )