Monday, 28 April 2008


Me and my sister Rosanna messing around on Saturday. Later that evening we went to a 70´s, 80´s, 90´s party:)

Our friends had a gig in the toilet!

Bus window

The sky was so beautiful but it was hard to get good pictures through the bus window..

Friday, 25 April 2008

Keeping Owl

I made this funny owl out of metal and wood. The body is (obviously) more detailed than the head. If you lift up the head there's a secret place inside the owl:)

Cool work by Frida Fjellman

In the bathroom

Today I woke up to another sunny morning! Man I love the sunshine.
Yet I feel tired right now...but I'm looking forward to the weekend! Hope you're all having a happy Friday:)

Thursday, 24 April 2008

2 different things

I made avocadosalad for lunch today!
Mostly I've got bad luck with avocados. I try to not pick the really soft ones but then when I think I bought the perfect avocados, they are hard and dry when I cut them apart. Even if I let them ripen for a few days.
Does anyone have a good advice for me?

And...pieces of something I'm doing in school. I'll show what it is tomorrow!

Graphic design
Cubículo ....... THEY GRAPHICS

Outsider art

(bad quality, sorry)

I have a poster by Willem Van Genk (wikipedia link in german), which is a by part of a huge painting made by him. If I remember it right, the painting was about 3m x 2m or something..
I saw it in The Art Brut museum in Lausanne and I was amazed by all the details in the painting.

Tuesday, 22 April 2008

Happy day

I got my poster from Lisen today! It is perfect. I did not find the right place for it yet but I'm anyway moving soon, so I can't wait to hang it up in the new flat. Tack Lisen:)

..then I made this salad with a weird mixture of ingredients (potatoes, beans, broccoli and eggs with dijon dressing) very good!


Monday, 21 April 2008


Mum's carrot cake and "mjöd" which is a sweet lemonade, kind of, that we drink around 1 of May (we started a bit earlier this year). This one we bought, but homemade "mjöd" made of lemons, brown sugar, water, yeast and raisins is much better.
It's similar to Mead , only sweater.

Have you ever drank it and/or do you like it?


I got this "blogging with a purpose"-award from Yasu a while ago, thanks a million, I really enjoy your blog too:) Blogging will always spice up my days a little bit more!

I decided to do like Esti and give this award to all blogs I read instead of passing it on. ( so I hope you all read this!) I couldn't decide who I'd give it to otherwise.

At Granny's

Ebba and these animal decorations could be twins.

Weekend walk

Thursday, 17 April 2008


Soon I'm moving back to Vasa! I will start to commute to my school instead, it takes about 1 hour. But I will mostly do my own projects the third and fourth year in school, so the schedule is quite free. Which is cool.

Tuesday, 15 April 2008

Morning tiredness

I got up, for me, real early this morning...a bit after 7 a.m. Had to force myself up, made a big cup of coffee and then I slowly started to feel awake.

Now it's time for art therapy...we got a task to make our own picture about this quote: "there's a path over all these waters leading to my feet alone" hmmmmmmmmm.
Have a good day:)

Sunday, 13 April 2008

This is Rasmus on-going project. Yesterday I took some pictures while he was filming and testing, it looks really cool! The masks are made out of papier maché and the faces are a video projection.

And a new week starting tomorrow...!

Saturday, 12 April 2008


Finally I woke up to sunshine! We made a big brunch (I tried to make this) and then we went to hangout at some friend's house.

Rubber boots, because the ground is muddy

This cat was so social and cute

Johan, the harmonica master:)

Thursday, 10 April 2008


Tonight I made feta-cheese fried with lots of spices, crushed almonds and nachos (!) believe it or not. It's so good! I ate it in a restaurant in Gothenburg and got the recipe from the chef:)

I was looking through old graphic design books from early 80's that I took from my dad's office. He was going to throw them away but luckily I "saved" them! You can find great inspiration in them, lots of different typestyles among other things.

Sasha Huber

Wednesday, 9 April 2008


Me and my sister went to the city on Saturday, nosy about everything:) Rasmus was preparing for the gig he was going to have later on..

Rasmus playing live

Rasmus is concentrated

me and my siser having fun:) We partied all night but still could get up quite early on Sunday and go to the city again for a few hours....:D
After that it was time to fly back home. I miss Gothenburg already!