Monday, 31 March 2008


Bonbonkakku, I thought I'd try it, maybe you too?

The cathouse

My cat still didn't come back. Yesterday we decided to go to the cathouse where they take care of homeless and abandoned cats. Maybe someone found her and brought her there..Unfortunately the house was not open on Sundays.
There were cats everywhere looking through the windows. One window was open so they could go outside too.

People work there as volunteers.
The city wanted to tear the house down because its old and a bit ramshackled but people protested so hard that they had to let it be. Which was very good. What would happen with the cats otherwise?


On Saturday we drank red wine at my mom's place. Later I went out with a friend .

Another friend had a funny bathroomfloor:)

On a balcony at night.

Friday, 28 March 2008

Tick tack

This clock is killing me! Something's wrong with it. It makes noise and go BACKWARDS, a bit spooky..
If I hit on it it stops and goes normal for a short while. But it anyway shows the wrong time and date. I changed the batteries so it's not that.
Maybe it's just getting old.

A quick breakfast before school!

Susanna Majuri Nice photograpy.
Have a nice Friday:)

Tuesday, 25 March 2008

Mushroom & bean risotto with wine

I must be bored..
I just finished a romantic dinner on my own:) Ok, maybe it wasn't that romantic but it was much nicer than cleaning.

I should drink more water. I barely dink one glass a day.
Water with raspberries is good!

A Tuesday

I came back from my holidays in Vasa. Now it's big time for tidy up the flat. I let everything be when I was sick and now I have to deal with that! I have four piles of clothes to wash..And it's dust everywhere.

A lady called yesterday and said they might saw my cat near their home and today another lady called and said the same! And they live on the same street. So I hope, hope it's her. I'm so thankful for all the helping people: )
I can't go and check if it's her because I'm back where I study, so my dad have to be the detective now.

Friday, 21 March 2008

Glad Påsk-Happy Easter!

I'm home at my dad's house over the holiday. Today we ate a lot of good food and candy:) Hope you have a good Easter aswell!

Spöke, my cat didn't come home yet...been searching everywhere. We think we saw her today near our home, it really looked like her. But she looked so skinny and scared and then she disappeared again even if we called for her. I think the neighbours big "boy-cats" frighten her away:´(

Thursday, 20 March 2008


Finally I'm coming out of my little "hibernation":) I was really sick and didn't had any power to do anything at all these last two weeks:/

The only thing I'm really worried about now is that my cat is missing :( She disappeared 3 days ago..I hope she's having a party with other cats and will come home soon.

Maja Sten , illustration and graphic design.

Tuesday, 11 March 2008

Foggy days

I'm sick and will stay in bed for a few days more...I just want to sleep like Sune the cat.

I'll be back soon:)

Monday, 3 March 2008

Oh no! My lovely glass broke:( It was the last one left of 3, I had them in red, yellow and green.
Got them from my friend a few years ago, she had bought them at a fleamarket in Switzerland. (Emma, du får lov att hitta nya nästa gång du är där! hihi:)

Maybe I coluld re-use it somehow....or maybe not. Anyway, I found Private Circle via Jo33. Great re-used stuff!

A life

So a new week started again...
This week I will: start a new course, work, draw, hopefully sketch for some new paintings, make a weddingcard for a dear friend, clean and move some furnitures in my apartment for a change and have mixed feelings for a certain decision.
Hope you will have a good one;)

Saturday, 1 March 2008

Sewing day

Today I made this dress:) I made it of an XXL t-shirt which I first had screenprinted.

And look! I just had to buy this green plant. It's called Sweetheart Hoya and the leaves looks like hearts. I heard it flowers sometimes too, lets see if mine will.


I think lace ribbon is great, there's pretty much you can do with it. Once I glued it on a painting and some drawings (I know that it's not something new, many did that:) and it looks nice.

I made these brooches last year I think. For me and my sisters. Don't know why I made the skulls, just for fun maybe:) This year I'll probably make something totally different.