Tuesday, 25 December 2007


Look here chocolate lovers! There's a wonderful little shop in Vasa called Liisa Koski where they sell all kinds of coffee and old style sweets and chocolate. It smells soo good there!

It looks so tasty but I'm anyway not a BIG chocolate fan, as I also wrote here a few months ago. But I could maybe eat one...or two :)

Friday, 21 December 2007

You say you want it...

I have been in a weird mood lately, maybe it's this weather. My Goood, why can't it snow?! I want a white Christmas.
I'm still "making" my last gifts tonight and tomorrow morning we're going to Vasa. I'm looking forward to make all the food with my mom for Christmas! Almost everyone in my family are vegetarians, so we're making the best veggie-food ever, right sisters? But my dad and Rasmus goes for the ham, I'm sure they will be a bit jealous of our food:)

Have a nice weekend!

Friday, 14 December 2007

Friday evening

It's frrreezing outside

So it's good to be indoors with a glass of warm glögg!

The sky was beautiful yesterday

( I was just too lazy to go outside and make the picture).

Christmasgift glimpse..

Bags I made for Christmas. Will make more in different colours. It's a stressful time now before Christmas...I'm always too late with everything! But I still got time to sew a few more bags:)

Sunday, 9 December 2007

Eine kleine disko

On Friday it was Eine Kleine Disko at "kasernen" in Vasa. It's a electronic music party organized by Rasmus and Jocke. This was the fourth party that they made and usually it's always at our school but this time it was in Vasa, sponsored by Platform.
A great evening though I still was a bit sick and took it easy.

The party was held in an old building which used to be a barrack for the military. Nowadays it's a place for artists who have their studios there. A big and nice place but the bathroom area was a bit weird ;) ..I wonder how they used these tubs..?

Dancing people


Buhuu, I've been very ill the past week so I didn't have the power to post anything here! But now my body is recovering and I got new energy:) The short trip to Stockholm was great but it was after that I got sick so unfortunately I missed the Christmas market which was last sunday.