Friday, 3 December 2010

Feeling christmassy

Ahhh another week is follows a long WEEKEND! On Monday it's our independence day so that's a free day.
Tonight I'm going for a Christmas dinner with my work mates, destination unknown..So let's see where we're gonna end up. But it must be a good place:)

Have a good Friday!


outi said...

that first photo, kaunis! with all that glitter.
i have today pikkujoulut also with my work mates at the theater. going to eat somewhere and then, let´s see..

have a good weekend!

ka said...

Love your blue (and red) dotted cups. And the christmas lights are impressive!

sunkentreasure said...

Hey Maria,

there's still a pretty high stack of calendars left, so take yr time.
I'm afraid the necklaces are sold out for the moment. I'm sure there will be a new shop update in the not so distant future. I'll keep u posted.

Hope you had a really nice x-mas dinner !!


Barbara said...

hope your dinner went well!!!!

louise said...

Hope you had fun Friday eve.

I sometimes have trouble loading your gorgeous photos. My internet speed is terrible some days. It's very frustrating because I know they will be wonderful. Today though I am lucky, they loaded, and yes they are lovely! xo lj

maria said...

outi, yes I love all the light decorations in the trees during wintertime! hope you and your work mates had a great dinner:)

ka, thanks:) it's actually black, not blue. but I wish I'd had a blue dotted too!

sunkentreasure, great! I'll buy one hopefully tomorrow then, too tired to do anything more in front of the computer tonight after writing this:)
and YES, can't wait until you make some more beautiful necklaces!

barbara, it did! unfortunately no documentation. but I really had fun!

louise, yes I had so much fun! thank you for those kind words about my pictures, makes me happy:) sometimes I worry that they are too big to load..hmm.
I hope you don't have trouble loading them too often!