Sunday, 19 June 2011

Second day

Party-day in brief.
Coffee in the morning while I wrote a card to a friend. It was Rasmus birthday so we went to drink a glass of exclusive champagne, and it was sooo good. Wish I could have afford a bottle.
Then we met up with friends in a park. We drank wine, ate strawberries and played mini-crockett:) Unfortunately the weather wasn't so warm so we went out to a bar later on.
It was a fun day!


Mama said...

Vad kul ni verkar ha det! Och så fina foton, som alltid :)

irene said...

i LOVE your berlin photos. i was there just a few weeks ago - great to remember this great, great city. i'll post my photos soon, too :)

maria said...

thank you so much irene:) looking forward to see yours too!