Wednesday, 29 June 2011

Nice things

Pizza with Johanna on a warm day. The weather has been great this week.

Got a lovely gift from Rasmus brother and his wife. Hanna Konola designed kitchen towel, good coffee and a cool dishrag, what more do you need!

I cut bangs again, I know that I'll hate it some days, but mostly I'll think it's nice to have an easy hairstyle.
I usually make up my mind quickly about once a year and then I cut my hair, at home.

Whoa, can't believe I only have one more day at work! I don't even remember if I wrote that my vacation was going to start 1st of June, but then I was asked to work one more month- and so I did. Sometimes you just need the money:)

I love this bostonterrier!!


sophia said...

min pannlugg är för lång igen, ska klippa mig efter att vi varit i gran canaria. kommer ändå bli störd på den där pga hettan...

Mama said...

Ha en riktigt skön semester, det är du värd! Och snart är du här hos mig <3

cara said...

oh man, i want that pizza in my tummy! enjoy your time off :)

E R I N said...

oh yum! id never so no to a pizza like that :)

i love that you cut your own fringe... have a look at my blog URL!! you'll like it..... :)