Friday, 15 October 2010


Friday's here already! My day started with some expensive bloodtests at a private hospital..I told you about my Thyroid-problems a few months ago. Well now I'm finally going to try a 6 months long thyroid medication and see if it stabilizes. I hope I soon will feel like myself again! Is there somebody else here with thyroid problems? Feel free to comment!

After work I made a spicy carrot/coconut soup, so good on a cold autumn day like today.
+ I bought this long "knitted" dress from H&M for 10euros..I'm thinking of Pippi Longstocking when I look at it:)

I found a new good foodblog, in swedish this time.

Happy weekend!


Deleilan said...

Maria, I really hope this medication helps with your thyroid problems!

That soup sounds exactly like something I should make soon. It's so rainy and windy here right now, a bowl of your soup would be perfect!

Love the dress!

Anonymous said...

Just found out that I probably have chronical Thyroid inflammation (perhaps since a lot of years). On Tuesday I will get to know, if medication is necessary. Somehow it feels good to have something diagnosed, I thought there`s something really wrong with me, but would have never expected a physical problem.
Hope your medication works out well,

mette/ungt blod said...

my mother had her thyroids removed many years ago. Its so long ago that i don't really remember the details, but i do remember the scary scare on her neck. The operation went fine and i think it helped a lot. Hope the medication works and i love the dress!

griffen said...

carrot coconut, how delicious =) i hope you feel better my friend =)

griffen said...

carrot coconut, how delicious =) i hope you feel better my friend =)

BigMama said...

Soppan ser delikat ut, måste koka den själv någon dag, puss på dig :)

Limner said...

I've been taking a thyroid medication for over twenty years. It made me feel one hundred percent better. My doctor reduced the dosage two years ago and I'm facing surgery now. My neck is swollen with masses on both sides. An ultrasound showed nodules, cysts and several other "bad" things that require surgery and treatment. Seems there's a goiter in the making, also.

When I complained to doc about swollen neck, difficulty breathing and wearing a seat belt, was told the mass was fat from cheekbones that had meandered south and lodged in my neck. I still had lovely cheek bones though. So I changed doctors. New doc said was probably thyroid tissue but did nothing. So I changed doctors. The mass was growing at a rapid pace.

New doc ordered ultrasound the same day. Have decided to see an endocrinologist instead of going directly to surgeon. I don't want to lose my thyroid gland unless absolutely necessary.

I hope thyroid medication is the answer for you. You will love feeling well again. My energy level improved, my skin, hair and the rest of me felt so good when I started taking Synthroid.

Be well!

maria said...

deleilan, thank you, I'm sure it will! Hope you have made a good hot bowl of soup;)

kathi, oh hope you get medication! if not, you should insist that they take more tests or go to a specialist. first I was at my local health station/hospital and they said I'm not "ill enough" to get medication.. so I went to a private clinic (more expensive of course..) where they know more about thyroid problems and take different and more tests. good luck!

mette, so good that it helped her. the thyroid is so tricky..I hope it will work better soon!

griffen, yes I'm sure I will:) thank you

mamma, hoppas den blev bra;) <3

limner, oh poor you, sounds hard..lot of struggling!
but hope the surgery will help. did you start to feel worse after the doctor reduced the dosage?
many of my symptoms are very vague, but strong eyesymptoms, weakness and "tired in the head"..
take care and I hope everything's better for you soon!