Monday, 11 October 2010


Two pics from the weekend.
Hmm, it feels weird to not work on the exhibition anymore. But I think the intense work woke up my inspiration much more! So after I've cleaned up the studio + filled up with more oil paint it's time for a new project.

I will try to slowly get back to blogging again, been away too long except for some quick "hellos"! Don't want it to be like that:) But thank you so much for the comments lately! Now I will finally check your blogs, wonderful!

Brr, it's getting colder here, they even promised snow this week..already!?

BIG PS. It was my little sister Sophia's 21th birthday yesterday (10.10.-10)! Grattis igen min söta.


BigMama said...

Fint foto av Salami bakifrån :) Jag kände ingen henne på svansföringen!

whitney said...

is that a cat's tail?!

krusanna said...

salami sköter flitigt om sitt knarkträd;)

sophia said...

Hihi tack! :)

SALAMI <3 superbra foto!

gracia said...

I have been away (enjoying the sights and sounds of London and Paris) and have so much to catch up on, it seems. Lucky me. Just. Need. To. Keep. Eyes. Open.... zzz